Outsourced Trading

Outsourced Trading offers innovative and unparalleled trade capabilities leading to the opportunity for best execution. We access liquidity through our internal network of over 1500 institutions and hedge funds and extensive number of broker relationships worldwide. Global coverage by industry experts provides advantageous trading in risk arb/special situations/pairs/SPACs; equities; derivatives; ETFs; and ADRs. Commission Management is customized and controlled by clients. The client web portal tracks soft dollars and commissions directed to our broker network for execution in real time. For administration, there is 24 hour access to commission balances, monthly statements, trade detail and associated commission credits, as well as management of research payments.

Jeff Leveen

Jeff LeVeen Jr, Managing Director

Mr. Leveen is a Managing Director. He began his career at Smith Barney and was with the firm for eight years and two mergers. Prior to joining JonesTrading, he was a Senior Institutional Salestrader for KCG, formerly Knight Capital Group. Mr. Leveen graduated with a BA in English from Lehigh University in 1997. He holds the Series 4, 7, 24, 55 and 63 industry licenses.

Our Outsourced Trading service offers far more than just our world class execution, including:

  • Supporting our clients through the entire trade – including integration to your OMS/EMS, allocation to sub accounts, assistance with breaks and other middle office functions
  • Best in class soft dollar / commission management program
  • Dedicated execution services in listed derivatives

JonesTrading Outsourced Trading Services differs from all of our competitors because our clients have direct access to both our internal liquidity and the liquidity of the broker network that covers our team.  In fast-moving markets seconds mean the difference between great and poor execution quality.  We have built a team of industry veterans who understand how to execute trades to obtain the best price for our clients.

We offer 24/6 dedicated Global equity coverage and dedicated live hour coverage Europe, Asia, and US by a team of well-respected industry professionals. Our market strategists and traders provide insight and trading expertise to source and execute block liquidity across a variety of instruments: risk arb/special situation/pairs/SPACs; equities, ETFs and ADRs.

We have access to both our firm’s internal liquidity, and the liquidity and market intelligence of our network of brokers that cover our group.  Our team executes orders both internally and directs trades to our broker network to achieve the best possible prices for our customers. We access every possible exchange, dark liquidity pool and industry algorithm.

JonesTrading’s Outsourced Trading clients typically utilize our Commission Management Services, which are fully customizable, to match your business needs. Clients have access to our real time commission report which tracks both soft dollars and commissions directed to our broker network for execution.  This business is supported by our state of the art web-based technology and dedicated support team. Firms that need high quality market insight and trading rely on JonesTrading to meet their strategy and intent, while obtaining best execution.

With JonesTrading, clients have control of the administration process, with 24 hour access to commission balances, monthly statements, trade detail and associated commission credits, as well as management of research payments. And, our broker neutral approach gives clients the ability to manage their soft dollar budgets across multiple brokers around the globe, all through single, web-based portal.

Outsourced Trading vs. Insourced Trading: A Comprehensive Examination

Jeff LeVeen of JonesTrading examines the ins and outs of outsourced trading and how it is creating efficiencies for hedge fund managers.
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JonesTrading Wins Best Outsourced Trading Solution at the HFM US Hedge Fund Services Awards 2019

Alan Hill, CEO of JonesTrading, said: “We are very proud being named Best Outsourced Trading Solution by HFM. We are grateful for the industry recognition of our commitment to excellence and the confidence our clients place in us. Our Outsourced Trading business is a major focus for our firm and we have built an exceptional team over the past four years. We’ve invested quite a bit in both the technology and the staff to offer our clients the highest level of service.”

Clients who trade derivatives benefit from coverage by an option professional who focuses purely on derivatives. Our relationships permit JonesTrading to source option liquidity while protecting the information content of the trade and investor anonymity. Our model guarantees no conflict of interest, avoiding the pitfalls of a proprietary trading or risk positioning paradigm and/or promoting research that benefits a particular firm and rather than the actual client.

We offer and used databases of volatility screening tools that are helpful in identifying risk/return hedging and trading opportunities. Our reviews of trade idea generation and risk models are based on specific client needs. Our FIX order routing connects directly from the client’s OMS to Jones Trading.

Jeff LeVeen