Market Color

In today’s fragmented markets, securing alpha and best execution remains challenging. JonesTrading provides market color and insights intraday, daily, weekly and in overall trends to portfolio managers and traders making strategic investment decisions. We are proud of our market insight and three strategists, Costel Goga, David Lutz and Michael O’Rourke.

Daily market view of events, trends, and catalysts influencing investment and trading.

Costel Goga, Chief Market Strategist

Costel helps clients navigate market movements with a particular emphasis on event-driven investing, including risk arbitrage.

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A contrarian’s macro guide to avoiding the herd.

Dave Lutz

David Lutz, Head of ETF Trading and Strategy

David blogs intraday to hundreds of Institutional Clients, noting ETF trends impacting portfolio and trading strategies.

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Daily key media news read and summary of U.S. and global markets.

Michael O’Rourke, CMT, Chief Market Strategist

Michael each day provides close-of-market analysis and intelligence that “tees-up” next-day trading.

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