White Papers

As part of its commitment to contribute to ongoing discussion in our industry, JonesTrading has written the following papers.

Best in Agency Block Trading

Truing the Block: A Framework for Re-architecting the Trader's Toolkit

Truing the Block: Best in Class

Tom Carter – STA Speech

Don't Come In, The Water's Boiling

Equity Pricing Models: If They're Broken-Who will Fix Them?

Darwin, Evolution and the Buy-Side Trader

The Algo of Choice in Tough Times: The Human Equation

What the SEC Staff Will Likely Recommend in Reaction to the May 6th Flash Crash

This White Paper, Issued by Themis Trading, details what the SEC May do in Response to the May 6 event.

Liquidity on the rocks

A JonesTrading perspective on the liquidity crisis facing U.S. Equities markets and the need for a Proactive Liquidity Sourcing Solution.