Outsourced Trading

JonesTrading’s Outsourced Trading is a fully customizable execution solution for emerging money managers.

JonesTrading has been a trusted, high touch execution partner for institutional money managers and hedge funds for over 40 years. We understand the intricacies of execution and the importance of anonymity. Through our network of over 100 registered representatives we source liquidity from over 1,500 institutions and hedge funds in addition to virtually every exchange and dark pool. Our block crossing capability makes us the obvious choice for institutional clients seeking best execution and complete anonymity. We are able to secure advantageous prices across the greatest number of markets in a timely manner, without revealing client intent. We remain neutral and clients remain anonymous, minimizing market impact and opportunity costs.

Our Outsourced Trading service offers far more than just our world class execution, including:

  • Supporting our clients through the entire trade – including integration to your OMS/EMS, allocation to sub accounts, assistance with breaks and other middle office functions
  • Best in class soft dollar / commission management program
  • Dedicated execution services in listed derivatives


The JonesTrading Outsourced Trading service differs from all of our competitors because we believe fewer hands touching a client’s order leads to more efficient and uncompromised execution prices. In fast moving markets seconds mean the difference between a great and poor execution. Our Outsourced Trading service provides 24/7 dedicated coverage to help money managers execute across all major global markets.

We have access to virtually every possible exchange, dark liquidity pools and industry algorithms.

Commission Management Services

Jonestrading’s Outsourced Trading clients typically utilize our Commission Management Services which is fully customizable to match your business needs. This business is supported by our state of the art web-based technology and dedicated support team. Other highlights of the Commission Management Services include:

  • Clients have control of the administration process, having 24 hour access to commission balances, monthly statements, trade detail and associated commission credits, as well as management of research payments.

  • Our broker neutral approach gives clients the ability to manage their CCA/CSA and soft dollar budgets across multiple brokers around the globe, all in a single web- based portal.

  • Obtain high quality research and brokerage related services while conducting trades with JonesTrading in order to obtain best execution.


Clients that trade derivatives will benefit from personalized coverage. In addition to the human coverage, other benefits include:

  • Relationships which permit JonesTrading to source options liquidity while protecting the information content of the trade and investor anonymity.
  • A no conflicts of interest model that avoids the proprietary trading or risk positioning paradigm, and avoids promoting research that benefits a particular firm and not the actual client.

  • Databases of volatility screening tools helpful of identifying risk/return hedging and trading opportunities
  • Reviews of trade idea generation and risk models that are based on specific client needs
  • Electronic order routing (FIX capabilities) from the client’s OMS to Jones Trading.

We look forward to becoming an extension of your firm today, please contact outsourcedtrading@jonestrading.com to customize your experience today.