Mr. Van Hutcherson,  Managing Director and Branch Office Manager

"The collective experience of the traders in our network, combined with our unique active liquidity-sourcing model, is what makes best execution possible."

– Mr. Van Hutcherson, Managing Director and Branch Office Manager

Our Clients

JonesTrading is the alternative institutions consistently choose to provide color on their trading, combined with investor protection in today's hyperelectronic environment. We owe it to doing business as we have for over thirty-five years. For us, it isn't just "know" your customer; it's "knowing" your customer. That focus assures execution quality. Our clients are the largest institutions and hedge funds in North America - and we provide them with access to global financial instruments.

For institutional and hedge fund traders, JonesTrading brings:

  • A relationship-based model with a network of more than 1,000 institutions and hedge funds
  • The ability to access electronics in an agnostic way - securing what is best for clients
  • The ability to access pent-up liquidity and secure trades that might not have otherwise occurred
  • An understanding of client intent, strategy, and style
  • An understanding of market conditions in any equity at any time
  • Access to U.S., European, and Asian equities
  • A trader assigned to each account