JonesTrading receives significant coverage in the news media. Below please see print and electronic media in which JonesTrading has been profiled or has shared its perspective on industry developments.

QSG Drill Down on Agency Block Trading - (PDF)
Technology has forever changed the way that equity trading desks conduct their business.

How JonesTrading Began Trading Overseas, Without Leaving U.S. - (PDF)
How JonesTrading Began Trading Overseas, Without Leaving U.S.

JonesTrading Makes Moves into Options - (PDF)
Block-trading firm JonesTrading is diving into the crowded field of listed and over-the-counter options.

JonesTrading Looks Overseas with New U.S. Desk - (PDF)
Block traders JonesTrading launched a real-time international desk that is run from a new Charleston, S.C., office.

Liquidity Crisis Calls for Solutions - (PDF)
Unconflicted, high-touch brokers, now execution consultants, offer color and fill a critical buy side need in block trading, difficult situations, and small and mid-cap stocks.

Securities Industry News article: JonesTrading: A Human “Light Pool” - (PDF)
SIN's Viewpoint column (10-22-07) features a succinct Q&A with Mr. Packy Jones on how proactive price discovery on their traditional network is attracting new flow and securing their position as the first look destination for difficult trades and market color.

Traders Magazine Cover Story: The Natural and the Machine - (PDF)
"JonesTrading Institutional Services, a firm once regarded on the Street as a low-profile third market broker, is counting on its human traders to expand its stock trade volume. And to that end, it is aggressively promoting its extraordinarily high crossing ratio."

Pure Trading: An Interview with JonesTrading Chairman/President/CEO, Mr. Packy Jones - (PDF)
"We believe that the greatest trading cost of all comes from not knowing what is out there. Which leads us to our next belief. For many trades—especially the difficult ones—the shortest distance between a buyer and a seller is a good broker. At JonesTrading we have the trust, the relationships, the experience and knowledge to find the other side. We have access to all the markets and know how to dig out the hidden pockets of liquidity."